Find Help


The Find Help map presents a list of locations or offices for assisting users with in-person help. The list of offices can be filtered using location based search and categorical service filtering. It uses the Map Layout to present the list of locations in the sidebar region and a map in the content region. The map updates location information as the user narrows their search through filtering or clicks on individual office locations.

The “Learn More” button for each location should open a new tab to ensure that the user is able to easily navigate back to the map after viewing location details.

This example is for demonstration purposes only. In a live example, the Google Maps Platform, JavaScript API would be used to provide location based search and show multiple location markers on the map.

The ACCESS NYC GitHub repository contains a working example of the Find Help map retrieving office location data from a local endpoint and utilizing the Google Maps Platform to display locations on the map for users. The following modules are core scripts that provide this functionality.