Installing via NPM will store Opportunity Standard source and distribution files in your project's node_modules directory under @nycopportunity/standard.

Source; ES (JavaScript), Sass (stylesheet), and uncompressed SVGs will be in the src/ directory. Distribution; concatenated JavaScript, CSS stylesheets, and optimized SVGs and SVG sprites will be in the dist/ directory. Further integration details can be found in the installation guide.

Read the installation guide


The Opportunity Standard was created by leveraging learnings from building and maintaining pattern libraries for the NYC Opportunity's portfolio of digital products. It uses a custom built User Interface (UI) library combined with usability and usage guidance from the U.S. Web Design System to create a tailored experience for people looking to access public services.

The Opportunity Standard is built using the NYCO Patterns Framework; a front-end framework for creating and maintaining design pattern libraries.


The Opportunity Standard Figma file contains reusable components for creating mockups and prototypes in Figma.