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The Feedback module links to a form that collects a user’s perspective on the website. The module may link to an external survey, however, to ensure that the user is able to easily navigate back to the site after submitting and that accessibility standards are enforced in the form it is recommended to inline the form on the site. This Feedback module uses a Modal dialog to focus the user’s attention on the survey while keeping them in the same site.

Do you agree with the following? The website helped me meet my needs. *
Do you agree with the following? The website is easy to use. *

Please describe in as much detail as possible.


This Feedback Form example uses a version of the Usability Metric for User Experience (UMUX) Lite. This helps evaluate the perceived usability of the site using a short, two question form plus an additional question asking for one thing that could be made better. Scoring the results of submissions over time can provide an indication to the usability of the site.

Changing the form questions for different audiences or for collecting different types of information may be necessary.

It is important to use informed consent and consider trauma informed design principles for collecting feedback in different contexts. Use questions that do not re-traumatize audiences. It may also not be possible or appropriate to ask directly for feedback.

When phrasing the questions, focus on the task or problem the website or application is trying to solve. For example;

  • This guide helped me apply for SNAP.

  • This website helped me find work or a work program.

  • This app helped me share my documents.